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The 14 Biggest Private Jet Events to Attend in 2024

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For those in the private aviation industry, conferences, conventions, trade shows and other events are an excellent way to network with peers and potential clients, learn about new technology and discover new market opportunities and trends. But you don’t need to be in the industry to attend a private jet convention. These events can be just as valuable to individuals looking to purchase private aircraft or to third-party representatives seeking aircraft on their clients’ behalf.

Interested in attending an upcoming convention or conference? Here are some of the biggest private jet events for 2024.

Top Private Jet Events of 2024

The private aviation industry is an exciting space, one characterized by continuous innovation, luxury experiences, technological advancements and much more. All of this is reflected in the many private jet events that take place each year.

Where once these events primarily showcased original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) new aircraft models and products, they now include networking and leadership opportunities for industry professionals and sales opportunities for prospective buyers. Conference sessions now cover a wide range of topics, from support, scheduling and pilot operations to aircraft maintenance management and tax and regulatory awareness, meaning there’s truly something for any attendee interested in private aviation.

Besides those featured below, there are too many local private jet events to list, all of which you can discover through your local fixed-base operator (FBO), your aircraft management company or through your local Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on popular events for those interested in viewing new and existing aircraft products, and on events for industry professionals looking to increase their skills, knowledge and experience and connect with their peers.

Private Jet Events Showcasing New & Pre-owned Aircraft

  1. NBAA Miami-Opa locka Regional Forum (Jan. 31, 2024): In addition to its national conferences and conventions, the NBAA also hosts regional events, starting with the Miami-Opa locka Regional Forum. This one-day event, held at the Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport in Opa-locka, FL, is intended to connect current and prospective business aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers and operators throughout the southeast. This year’s event boasts over 150 exhibits, including aircraft displays and educational sessions.
  2. NBAA Leadership Conference (Feb. 5–7, 2024): Hosted by the National Business Aviation Administration (NBAA), the Leadership Conference is an annual event dedicated to leadership and management in the business aviation community. The conference features keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panels and networking receptions. The theme for this year’s conference, which is set to take place in sunny Palm Springs, CA, will focus on the importance of top-to-bottom organizational health.
  3. NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar (May 15, 2024): This one-day seminar, held in Dallas, TX, is an educational event intended to help attendees understand tax and regulatory issues affecting the business aviation community. In years past, this private jet event has featured tax planning strategy sessions, regulatory updates, practical case studies and more.
  4. European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (May 28–30, 2024): Europe’s premier business aviation event, the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibit (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland brings together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, aviation firms and more from across the continent. In addition to an exciting lineup of exhibits and presentations, this private jet convention includes a showcase for the latest business aircraft models and emerging technologies.
  5. NBAA White Plains Regional Forum (Jun. 12, 2024): Those living in the northeast are encouraged to attend the NBAA’s White Plains Regional Forum at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY. Similar to the Miami-Opa locka Regional Forum, this event features a wide range of exhibits, displays, sessions and networking opportunities for business aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  6. NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (Oct. 22–24, 2024): Those interested in learning about business aviation, as well as viewing the latest aircraft models, will want to head to Las Vegas, NV in October for the NBAA’s annual Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). This exciting private jet convention showcases innovations in the business aviation industry through a series of exhibitions, educational sessions and keynote speeches from aviation and business leaders.

Private Jet Events for Industry Professionals

  1. Corporate Jet Investor London (Feb. 5–7, 2024): The first of three major private jet conventions hosted by Corporate Jet Investor (CJI), this is a networking event that will cover key topics such as the cost of private aircraft ownership, cybersecurity in aviation transactions, the industry’s journey to net zero and much more.
  2. NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (Mar. 12–14, 2024): Tailored to industry professionals in dispatching and scheduling roles, this event — held in Fort Worth, TX — includes dozens of expert-led sessions on logistical planning, fuel sourcing, leading-edge flight department technology, carbon reduction strategies and much more.
  3. NBAA International Operators Conference (Mar. 16–28, 2024): Calling all operators: The International Operators Conference in beautiful Orlando, FL promises insights and updates on managing aviation activities in diverse regions. This year’s conference includes an exciting lineup of sessions, including “Global Customs Goals: From Wishing to Achieving,” “Skybound Strategies for Airspace Security” and regional reviews for all major global regions.
  4. NAFA 52nd Annual Conference (Apr. 16–18, 2024): A prominent event in the aviation finance industry, the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) conference in Tucson, AZ facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals in aircraft financing and asset management. This year’s program will focus on the changing business aviation landscape and how to maintain transactional integrity in your aviation financing business.
  5. NBAA Maintenance Conference (Apr. 30–May 2, 2024): This conference in Portland, OR caters specifically to maintenance and technical operations professionals, providing a wide range of learning and networking opportunities. Previous years’ sessions have covered important topics such as cabin design considerations, regulatory and civil liabilities, safety management systems and more.
  6. Corporate Jet Investor Asia (September 2024): The second of CJI’s conventions, this event specifically caters to business aviation professionals in the Asia market. This year’s event will feature 50+ speakers, 24+ interactive sessions and 12+ hours of networking with major industry names, including operators, appraisers, original equipment manufacturers, brokers and more.
  7. NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference (Oct. 20–21, 2024): Described by the NBAA as “the premier conference for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, CFOs and flight operations professionals looking for tax planning strategies from industry leaders,” this year’s conference — located in Las Vegas, NV — will feature educational sessions and expert panels on the ever-evolving environment of business aviation taxes, regulations and risk management.
  8. Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2024 (November 2024): Similar to the CJI’s London and Asia events, the Miami conference boasts an impressive array of industry professionals and exciting sessions in the interest of connecting like-minded individuals passionate about business aviation.

Make the Most of 2024 Private Jet Events

If you’re planning to attend your first private jet convention or other industry event, there are a few things you should know before you go.

Many of these events are massive in scale, with hundreds of exhibits and sessions spread out across a large campus. This can be overwhelming for some and can make it challenging to attend all of the sessions you’re interested in, especially if multiple sessions are slated to take place at the same time or are located on opposite ends of the building. If your reason for attending is to look at new or pre-owned aircraft, know that you may need to make a reservation with the OEM’s regional sales director prior to the event to tour certain models.

Here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

  • Have a clear objective for attending. While it might sound obvious, having a specific goal in mind — whether that’s to learn about new technology, tour a particular aircraft model or to network with peers — will make it easier to structure your day and decide which sessions are worth attending.
  • Create an itinerary. Once you have a clear objective for attending, you can start to review the session schedule and build your event itinerary. When planning your day(s), be mindful of any scheduling conflicts and the relative location of different sessions, as this will help you make the most of your time. These days, most private jet events have an app you can download to your smartphone to help you keep track of your schedule and navigate the convention floor.
  • Make a list of desired connections. Conferences are busy, with both attendees and presenters looking to make the most of their limited time. If there are certain people you’d like to speak to at an upcoming event, you may need to arrange time with them beforehand to secure an audience. With that in mind, come up with a list of desired connections or introductions you’d like to make and try sending out a calendar invitation to those people a few days before the event.
  • Come prepared. If you’re an industry professional looking to network, be sure to bring enough business cards and marketing materials to share with fellow attendees throughout the day. Prospective buyers and representatives acting on behalf of prospective buyers can also benefit from bringing business cards, as they offer brokers and sellers an easy way to contact you in the future. Attendees who would like to avoid carrying stacks of paper-based materials all day can look into easy electronic alternatives for sharing contact and business information.
  • Divide and conquer. If you’re part of a sales group or are attending a private jet convention with colleagues, consider splitting up and attending different sessions and networking events to maximize your exposure.
  • Work with a consultant. Private aviation consultants know the industry inside and out and often have a strong network built through years of experience. Such a consultant can leverage their knowledge and expertise to help you identify which sessions or exhibits will be most valuable and may even be able to introduce you to important figures in the industry.

Whether you’re interested in viewing multiple private aircraft in one place or simply want an inside view on the private aviation industry, a private jet event is the perfect place to do so — and Essex Aviation is happy to help you find ways to maximize your experience. Contact us today to speak with our team of highly qualified private aviation consultants.

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