Essex’s foundation, core belief, and primary goal is to provide clients with the most current industry knowledge and experience; a vital component in evaluating the many options available to meet their business and private aviation transportation needs.

As a client of Essex you can be confident that the creation of your personalized aviation transportation plan will be developed with the input from the principal travelers, their selected advisors and Essex’s team of aviation professionals.

We pride ourselves in working with a wide range of clients with diversified needs and requirements. Essex is ready to handle your needs in one or more of the following business and private aviation assets:

  • New and Pre-Owned Aircraft Acquisitions
  • New Aircraft Completion Management
  • Pre-Owned Aircraft Refurbishment and Upgrades
  • New and Pre-Owned Fractional Share Acquisitions & Leases
  • Fractional Share Re-Purchases by the Program Providers
  • Leasing of Existing Fractional Shares to Third Parties
  • Block and Ad Hoc Charter Services Agreement
  • Membership and Card Programs

Our position within the industry is well respected as a consumer advocate and our reputation with service providers and vendors in the industry is one of character and honesty.

Essex’s desire is to form a long term relationship with their clients and remain accountable for the analysis and support of past decisions. Contact us today to learn more.