Private Aviation Consulting Services

Essex Aviation’s primary goal is to provide you with the quality corporate aviation consulting services you need to make an informed decision. Our aviation consultants leverage the most current industry knowledge and our years of industry experience to help you evaluate the many options available to meet your private aviation transportation needs.

About Us

The Essex Team

The team at Essex has been working in the aviation business for a combined 70+ years. Passionate about aviation throughout their careers, the Essex team offer’s their clients a unique combination of experience and a wealth of unparalleled knowledge.

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New Aircraft Acquisition

A new aircraft is an important investment. Get the insight and expertise you need to confidently navigate the design, purchase, final delivery and acceptance of your new private aircraft with your partners at Essex Aviation.

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Pre-Owned Aircraft Acquisition

With so many options to consider and important decisions to make, it’s helpful to have an experienced private aviation consulting firm by your side. At Essex Aviation, we can help you confidently navigate your next pre-owned aircraft acquisition project.

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“Essex Aviation’s guidance and data analysis was crucial to our successful first CJ3 lease and later our CJ4 purchase. The expertise of Essex allowed us to understand more fully our flight metrics, history, costs and how to match our future aviation needs with available options in a way that would not have been possible on our own.”

5 Star Rating

Alexandra Glazier, President and CEO

New England Donor Services

Pre-Owned Aircraft Refurbishment

Custom aircraft refurbishment is the ideal way to enjoy the luxury and amenities of a newly produced aircraft without the same level of capital investment. Our team of expert consultants is uniquely qualified to see you through every step of the refurbishment process, from fielding project proposals to reviewing design options to overseeing final production, and everything in between.

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Aircraft Completion Management

A new aircraft should meet your every need and incorporate designs made to fit your unique specifications. Essex Aviation’s Aircraft Completion Management service is designed to help you finish the completion process with confidence, so that you end up with an aircraft that best meets the needs of your family or business.

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Fractional Aircraft Ownership

If you’re new to private aviation or simply looking to make a change, Essex Aviation can help you confidently navigate the purchase or lease of a fractional share. Our private aviation consultants will guide you through the entire process — from evaluating all available options to final contracting — and we will be there for you if you decide to make a change or exit your fractional share.

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Private Jet Lease

Enjoy the flexibility to travel wherever you want, whenever you want, all according to your own schedule, with private jet leasing. Essex Aviation can help you evaluate lease arrangements and aircraft options, define lease terms and oversee final negotiations and contracting, so you can be sure that your lease contract meets all of your private aviation needs.

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Membership and Card Programs

If you are a light traveler, looking for a private aviation option with low capital outlay and flexibility in aircraft type, membership or card programs may be the right choice for you. Essex Aviation consultants can help you evaluate options and make the right choice for your unique needs.

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“Knowledgeable. Informed. Competent. Thorough. Practical. Candid. Professional. Responsive. Efficient.”

5 Star Rating

Tony R., CFO

Northeast Based Family Office

Private Jet Charter

Looking for scheduled transportation flexibility without the capital investment of acquiring a private aircraft? Charter may be a good option. The aviation consulting experts at Essex Aviation can evaluate your needs and present you with charter options to ensure that you end up with an aircraft and charter operator that can best meet the unique needs and requirements of your trip.

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Ask These Questions Before Making Your Next Aviation Decision

Private aviation offers numerous benefits, but each service option comes with its pros and cons. Find out whether a membership/card program, charter, fractional or dedicated aircraft model is right for you — and how a private aviation consultant can help you make an informed decision — in this free eBook.