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Essex Aviation Successfully Assists Client Identify New Travel Program

Michael J. Moore
Michael J. Moore Executive Vice President

Here at Essex Aviation, our mission is to help our clients identify the private aviation service that most closely aligns with their needs, whether that be new or pre-owned acquisition, private jet card, or anything in between.

For our latest project, we worked with a client to explore the options of either fractional share ownership or a new jet card program. The client in question, a managing partner for a private investment platform dedicated to the professional sports industry, required an aircraft that they could use to make frequent trips with their family from the East Coast to Jackson Hole, WY. They were originally utilizing another card program but, over time, found themselves flying more and more on third-party chartered aircraft instead of the card program’s branded aircraft. As a result, the client wanted to look at options that would enable them to experience a higher percentage of the card program’s in-fleet aircraft, as opposed to the less-known and more variable third-party charter aircraft.

The Essex team worked closely with the client to analyze their past, present and future travel needs, as well as their preferences regarding the aircraft to be utilized for their intended travel. Based on the results of this independent analysis, we determined that options of purchasing a fractional share or enrolling in a jet card program through various fractional ownership programs would best meet the client’s objectives.

After reviewing their options, the client determined that a jet card through a fractional program would be the best option for their particular requirements and would provide them with a shorter-term commitment while still meeting their desire for more consistent aircraft supply needs. After evaluating several different fractional jet card programs, the client purchased a 25-hour share on a Cessna Citation XLS through the NetJets Specialty Card program. With room for up to seven passengers and the ability to fly in and out of smaller airports with ease, the Citation XLS was the ideal choice based on the client’s travel requirements. Additionally, the NetJets Specialty Card program offers an automatic upgrade feature for select flights, meaning the client was able to buy into a Citation XLS jet card, but added a provision that enables them to upgrade to a Citation Latitude, Citation Sovereign or Challenger 350 based on the total flight time requirements for each flight.

“Fractional jet card programs can be excellent options for any client who wants the full private aviation experience without the long-term commitment or capital investment,” said Lee Rohde, President and CEO at Essex Aviation Group. “We were thrilled to be involved in this project and to help the client find the perfect solution for their — and their family’s — needs.”

About Essex Aviation

Essex Aviation Group, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the primary goal of providing clients with the most current industry knowledge and experience, a vital component in evaluating business and private aviation transportation needs.

Representing clients in a wide range of services, Essex builds client relationships through dedication to trust, integrity and a level of responsiveness not found anywhere else. Services include new or pre-owned aircraft acquisitions, new aircraft completion management, pre-owned aircraft refurbishment and upgrade management, block and ad hoc charter services, and much more.

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