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Aircraft Review: Bombardier Global 5500

Thomas W. Mitchell
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First announced in May 2018 and officially entered into service in July 2020, the Global 5500 is the latest entry in Bombardier’s Global lineup, featuring a range of 5,900 nautical miles and a capacity of up to 16 passengers. In addition to offering an improved range over its predecessor, the Global 5000, the 5500 also offers a higher max speed and lower direct operating costs.

In this aircraft review, we’ll cover primary aspects of the Global 5500 large cabin business aircraft, including technical specifications, design options, investment costs and more.

The Global 5500 at a Glance


Photo Credit: Bombardier


Bombardier Global 5500 Technical Spec
Maximum Range 5900 nm / 10,927 km
Top Speed .90 Mach / 600 KTAs / 956 km/h
Typical Cruise Speed .85 Mach / 566.73 KTAs / 902 km/h
Maximum Altitude 51,000 ft / 15,444.88 m

Cabin Dimensions

Length 40 ft 9 in / 12.41 m
Height 6 ft 2 in / 1.88 m

Exterior Dimensions

Length 96 ft 10 in / 29.5 m
Wingspan 94 ft / 28.7 m
Height 25 ft 6 in / 7.8 m
Passenger Capacity Up to 16 passengers

Cockpit Design


Photo Credit: Bombardier

As with all Bombardier models, the Global 5500 features Bombardier’s Vision flight deck avionics suite, which includes:

  • Four 15-inch LCD displays
  • Heads-up Guidance System
  • MultiScan Weather Threat Detection System
  • Integrated Flight Information System
  • Combined Vision System (CVS)

CVS combines Synthetic Vision System (digital, synthetic terrain imaging) and Enhanced Vision System (real-time overlay infrared imaging) in a single view to reduce crew workload and improve situational awareness.

From an operating design standpoint, the Global 5500’s cockpit is standard, with control yokes, large multi-function display units and shearling-lined seats.

Cabin Design

The standard interior configuration for the Global 5500, shown below, includes a crew lavatory and galley at the front of the aircraft, followed by a club suite, a conference suite, a private suite and an en suite. A sizeable baggage compartment also sits at the rear of the aircraft. This configuration can accommodate up to 13 passengers, though Global 5500 owners can custom configure their aircraft to accommodate up to 16. For the purposes of this review, we’ll focus on the standard interior configuration.


Photo Credit: Bombardier

Passengers boarding the Global 5500 will pass through the main entryway and galley, which features cross-aisle work surfaces and is equipped with a sink, ice drawer, microwave, oven, coffee maker and chilled compartments.

Global-5500-galley-with-wood-paneling,-white-countertops-and-overhead-lighting.-The-main cabin-can-be-seen-past-the-galley.

Photo Credit: Bombardier

Global 5500 galley with wood paneling, white countertops and overhead lighting. The main cabin can be seen past the galley.


Photo Credit: Bombardier

To the left of the conference suite, or mid cabin, passengers will find four additional Nuage seats arranged around a height-adjustable pedestal table. To the right, the conference suite also includes the unique Nuage chaise, an adjustable seating system that can be used to allow for up to two additional seats or converted into a bed for additional sleeping space. The Nuage chaise sits above a credenza with storage space.

Global-5500-conference-suite-with-gray-carpeting-and-white-walls. To-the -left,-Nuage-seats-are-arranged-around-a-set-dining-table;-to-the-right,-parallel-to-the-windows,-sits-a-convertible-chaise.

Photo Credit: Bombardier

To the right of the private suite, or aft cabin, are two additional Nuage seats with in-seat storage arranged around a retractable table, as well as a 24-inch 4K bulkhead monitor. To the left, passengers will find a three-place berthable divan that can be easily converted into a bed for longer flights.

Global-5500-private-suite-with-gray-carpeting-and a-wood-paneled-wall. A-berthable-divan-sits-to-the-left-of-the-frame-and-Nuage-seats-in-a-club-configuration-and-a-bulkhead-monitor-are-on-the-right.

Photo Credit: Bombardier

The Global 5500’s en suite includes a lavatory with natural light, large mirror and vanity with sink and faucet; a large wardrobe space; and a baggage compartment that can be accessed while in-flight.


The Global 5500’s Cabin Entertainment Suite offers 4K/Ultra-HD capability, immersive surround sound and Ka-band high-speed in-flight connectivity. Its cabin management system runs over a 67 Gbps double-ring fiber optic backbone for minimal latency and allows for wireless control over cabin environment and entertainment system settings via personal electronic devices. Finally, Bombardier’s Pur Air system features an advanced HEPA filter designed to remove allergens, bacteria and viruses from cabin air.

Exterior Design

As with all other models in the Global lineup, the Global 5500 features Bombardier’s signature Smooth Flĕx Wing design. Compared to traditional business aircraft wings, Smooth Flĕx Wings are longer and thinner, making them more flexible and shock absorbent. This design allows for smoother flights and better short-field performance capabilities.

The Global 5500 also features twin Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engines. With a thrust rating of 15,125 lbf and a 4.8:1 bypass ratio, the dual engines enable the 5500 to achieve top speeds of Mach 0.90, a range of 5,900 nm and improved fuel efficiency.

Acquisition Cost

The acquisition cost for a new Bombardier Global 5500 will depend on various selected options, industry data from Conklin de Decker places the purchase price for a new model at $47,000,000 USD. Availability for pre-owned Global 5500s remains relatively limited, as actual production of this particular model began within the past few years.

Direct Operating Costs

Note: All direct operating costs are estimated; actual expenses will vary based on total annual flight hours.


 Approximately $1,652 per hour


 Approximately $1,275 per hour

Engine Overhaul 

Approximately $1,310 per hour


 Approximately $707 per hour

 Total Direct Costs

Approximately $4,944 per hour

Source: Conklin de Decker

Fixed Costs

Note: All fixed costs listed are estimated; actual expenses will vary depending on crew experience and certifications, hangar location, insurance coverage and so on.


Approximately $610,255 (includes benefits / excludes flight attendants)

Crew Training

 Approximately $137,800 per year


 Approximately $104,900 per year


 Approximately $71,180 per year


Approximately $26,068 per year (excludes modernization / refurbishment reserve)

Total Fixed Costs

Approximately $950,203

Source: Conklin de Decker

Is a Global 5500 Right for You?

Given its impressive cabin size, comfort, passenger capacity, range and short-field performance capabilities, the Bombardier Global 5500 could be an excellent option for any prospective buyer who requires the ability to travel non-stop for long distances and safely access a large range of smaller airports.

As always, it’s important to factor in your unique travel requirements and to utilize the 80/20 principle — which recommends that you select an aircraft model that can safely serve and accommodate at least 80% of your needs — before making a purchasing decision.

How to Acquire a Bombardier Global 5500

Whether you’re in the market for a Global 5500 or a comparable long-range, large cabin business aircraft, Essex Aviation Group has the expertise to help you identify the ideal aircraft model based on your particular needs. Start your search today by reading more of our aircraft reviews or by scheduling a no-obligation transportation analysis with our team of experienced private aviation consultants.

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