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Midsize Private Jets: Costs, Examples & Best Uses

Thomas W. Mitchell
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midsize private jets

Executives and sales teams frequently choose to acquire or charter midsize jets for the economics, convenience, comfort and flexible travel capabilities. Certain midsize jets may only need between 3,500–5,000 ft. of runway to operate, making them ideal for quick trips between the many smaller private airfields.

So, why might a midsize private jet fit your needs and what are your options? In this guide, you’ll find pricing, specifications, recommendations and more.

What Is a Midsize Private Jet?

A midsize jet is a medium size class of private aircraft normally capable of a non-stop range of 2,500 to 3,500 miles, typically with an eight- to ten-passenger capacity. A bit larger than light jets, midsize private jets will offer more cabin space to accommodate expanded seating options, as well as head- and legroom. Most models have a cruising altitude speed in the range of 530 mph, but some — such as the Cessna Citation X — are designed to reach maximum speeds upwards of 700 mph.

Midsize jets are considered ideal for group business trips, regional travel or short intercontinental flights lasting five or perhaps six hours — think Boston to Dallas. They typically feature club-style seating, ample luggage space, a dedicated lavatory and a medium-size but functional galley. With an average takeoff requirement of less than 5,000 feet of runway, midsize jets are usually more than capable of accessing many small private airfields.

What Benefits Do Midsize Private Jets Offer?

Midsize private jets are ideal for those who want to travel in the next level of comfort than a light jet or need a bit more range while staying within their budget. Someone looking to acquire or charter a private aircraft may find that a midsize jet offers some useful and attractive benefits over a light jet:

  • Spacious cabin: Up to 5 ft. 8 inches tall, 6 ft. wide and 21 ft. long
  • More storage: Expanded luggage space with a larger external baggage door, if needed for larger cargo.
  • Longer range: Compared to light jets, flights of 2,000 to 3,000 nautical miles are the norm, with some models even capable of serving U.S. coast-to-coast destinations without a fuel stop.
  • Amenities: Dedicated and functional galley space and separate lavatory, adding to passenger comfort.
  • Excellent short field performance: Capable of accessing most smaller airfields.
  • Competitive pricing: The cost of chartering a standard midsize jet ranges from $3,900–$8,500 per hour, depending on the aircraft model and mission profile (one way or round trip etc.,) as well as the charter company used.

Aircraft Class Comparisons

Once you know the average specs of a midsize jet, you can compare your needs and decide if a midsize private jet is the right choice to charter or purchase.

The values provided in the tables below are an average representation of each aircraft class.

Class Passenger Capacity Average Range Average Cruising Speed Acquisition Cost Estimate (New)
Very Light Jet 4–5 1,000 nm 324–421 kts $3.5M–$5.5M
Light Jet 4–8 1,800 nm 400 kts $7.5M–$10.5M
Midsize Jet  8–10 2,000 – 3,000 nm 408–460 kts $11M–$21M
Super Midsize Jet 8–12 3,000 – 3,600 nm 528 kts $22M–$39M
Large Cabin/Long Range Jets 12 – 16 6,000 nm 525 kts $45M – $60M
Ultra-Long Range / Heavy Jet 12–16 7,400 nm 530 kts $60M–$85M

How Do I Know if a Midsize Private Jet is Right for Me?

With the help of information available from aviation consultants or other trusted resources, you should have all of the practical information you need to consider your options. But how will a midsize jet meet the variables in your specific situation? Ask yourself the following questions about your future flights in this type of aircraft:

  • Who will the passengers be? Will you be flying small executive teams, sales reps, your clients and customers or groups of family and friends?
  • What cabin amenities will be useful or required during flights? Will you need high quality connectivity and roomy cabin space for meetings, or will your flights be used for leisure time?
  • What are your common city pairs or destinations? Are those airport specifications more conducive to serving certain model and size aircraft?
  • How important is it to reach your furthermost destinations without a fuel stop? Some midsize private jets are known to offer significantly more range.
  • Does the cabin and seating size of the smaller midsize range of private jets offer the comfort you want or need? If certain accommodations and cabin size is critical, be sure to consider larger models that are still in the midsize range.
  • What cabin features are important to you? Consider all the “need to have” and “nice to have” options, from features to enhance conducting of business to the size of the galley to extra luggage space. The variety of aircraft models considered midsize private jets can feature differing creature comforts, workspace, entertainment systems and furnishings. You will likely find certain unique features that might be significant for you when evaluating different model aircraft.

Make an Informed Private Aviation Decision

If you’re still unsure whether a midsize private jet is right for you, the Essex Aviation team can perform a needs assessment to give you a better sense of what aircraft will best meet your needs. We’ll take into account your goals, constraints, personal preferences and more to determine which class and model of aircraft would be the best solution for you, and do so with no bias to any make or model.

To help you make the most informed buying decision you can, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that covers everything you should know before signing your next contract.

Ask These Questions Before Making Your Next Aviation Decision

Private aviation offers numerous benefits, but each service option comes with its pros and cons. Find out whether a membership/card program, charter, fractional or dedicated aircraft model is right for you — and how a private aviation consultant can help you make an informed decision — in this free eBook.