Tom Mitchell Joins Essex as Executive Vice President

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Tom Mitchell Joins Essex as Executive Vice President

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Essex Aviation Group, Inc. (Essex) recently announced Tom Mitchell has joined their team as Executive Vice President. Tom will be based at their L.G. Hanscom Field, Bedford, Massachusetts location and will begin his new position immediately.

Tom brings nearly 35 years of experience to Essex, specifically in flight operations, technical support, and aircraft management. Most recently, Tom has focused on opportunities to assist clients in optimizing all aspects of their aircraft ownership experience, including the aircraft selection process, technical surveys, modification and refurbishment projects, and providing general guidance throughout the entire acquisition process.

“Tom is the perfect addition to our group at Essex,” says Lee Rohde, President & CEO, Essex Aviation Group, Inc. “His extensive experience in a wide range of areas will bring significant value to our current and future clients, I am confident he will be an integral part of Essex’s continued growth in the industry.”

Before joining Essex, Tom held the position of Senior Vice President at Aviation Management Systems Inc. (2010- 2014). Tom also held a flight department manager position with Liberty Mutual, as well as nearly 20 years as a member of the senior management team for Jet Aviation. In addition, Tom is an FAA licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) for both airframes and engines and holds a current FAA Inspection Authorization (I.A.).

You can contact Tom directly at 781-502-2288 or

Essex Aviation Group, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the primary goal of providing clients with the most current industry knowledge and experience, a vital component in evaluating the many options available to meet their business and private aviation transportation needs. Essex has experience advising and representing clients in a wide range of services, including: New or pre-owned aircraft acquisitions, new aircraft completion management, pre-owned aircraft refurbishment and upgrade management, block and ad hoc charter services and more.

Essex Aviation Welcomes Tom Mitchell

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