H. Lee Rohde III

Essex Aviation Group Proud To Manage Aircraft Acquistion That Helps Save Lives

H. Lee Rohde III
H. Lee Rohde III President & CEO
Essex Aviation Group Proud To Manage Aircraft Acquistion That Helps Save Lives

Citation CJ3 acquired on behalf of New England Organ Bank

Essex Aviation Group, Inc. (Essex) recently completed a successful aircraft acquisition for New England Organ Bank (NEOB), the oldest independent organ procurement organization in the country. Essex provided pre-acquisition counsel in order to select the most efficient means to meet NEOB’s on-demand transportation needs, and then successfully managed the entire aircraft acquisition process. In the end, a Citation CJ3 was leased by NEOB.

NEOB serves 12 transplant centers in the region with the combined capacity to perform all types of organ transplants. Through their nine regional offices, NEOB provides clinical support to evaluate and surgically recover organs and tissue for transplantation and research. NEOB provides information, support and resources to donor next of kin and works to educate the general public on the importance of registering as donors through the driver’s license process.

“This was a unique project for us, we had to consider many different factors that don’t usually come up during a typical acquisition,” said Lee Rohde, President & CEO of Essex. “NEOB required an aircraft that could be ready for travel at a very short notice, could provide speed and range but also efficiently satisfy many shorter leg flights and smaller airport destinations, as well as offer a cabin size that can accommodate variable numbers of passengers and equipment. The CJ3 they selected will meet all of their needs.”

Essex was able to identify an aircraft that satisfied the mission and budget through a process of listening and focusing on the preferences and requirements of the NEOB, using industry knowledge of aircraft specifications and leveraging their ability to negotiate within the market.

“The task of organizing an organ transport process that meets critical timeframes had been made possible for several decades through the use of business aircraft, specifically through various on-demand, third party charter aircraft utilizing various service providers,” said Christopher Curran, Director of Organ Operations and Surgical Recovery at NEOB.

“When it became clear that utilizing a dedicated aircraft might be a logical alternative, we called Lee Rohde and Tom Mitchell at Essex Aviation Group to work with us. Essex streamlined the whole process by listening to our needs, giving us advice and walking us step-by-step through the acquisition. Without Essex, we would likely still be searching for an aircraft instead of already being fully operational,” Curran concluded.

New England Organ Bank is the federally-designated OPO for all or part of the six New England states. In addition to this regional coverage, NEOB provides services to Bermuda and is organized under a Board of Trustees and a Clinical Policy Board. To learn more visit http://www.neob.org/. To register as a donor, visit www.DonateLife.net.

Essex Aviation Group, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the primary goal of providing clients with the most current industry knowledge and experience, a vital component in evaluating the many options available to meet their business and private aviation transportation needs. Essex has experience advising and representing clients in a wide range of services, including: New or pre-owned aircraft acquisitions, new aircraft completion management, pre-owned aircraft refurbishment and upgrade management, block and ad hoc charter services and more.

Essex Aviation Group NEOB Acquisition Final

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