Essex Aviation Acquires a Pre-owned Gulfstream G550 for a Top Beverage Principal

H. Lee Rohde III President & CEO
gulfstream G550 aircraft

Buying your own airplane is exciting and a big commitment. If not done properly, such a transaction can be very complicated as well as costly. This is why the principal at one of the world’s leading beverage companies followed his private wealth management advisor’s recommendation and reached out to Essex Aviation for his upcoming aircraft acquisition.

Identifying the Best Fit Pre-Owned Airplane

The principal’s requirements included a specific floorplan and a forward galley because of the aircraft’s intended use for both personal and business travel. With this knowledge in hand, Essex Aviation reviewed the market and decided that a Gulfstream G550 aircraft would better meet the principal’s overall criteria and long-term objectives than the original plan to search for a Gulfstream G450.

The Logistics of Obtaining a Pre-Owned Airplane

Essex Aviation identified and found a 2009 Gulfstream G550 that perfectly suited the principal’s requirements. Essex Aviation completed the initial pre-purchase evaluation of the aircraft, negotiated an offer to purchase and the final purchase agreement. Essex Aviation also managed the exportation of the aircraft off of the Isle of Man foreign registry, importance of the aircraft into the U.S., obtaining the U.S. Certificate of Airworthiness and transferring the aircraft on to the U.S. FAA registry.

To complete the delivery process of the Gulfstream G550, Essex assisted the principal with deciding on certain refurbishment and customization tasks, facilitating and overseeing the entire process to include:

  • Complete exterior repainting
  • New L5 Wi-Fi system installation
  • Interior refurbishment including carpet, divan material, LED lights, veneer touch-ups and repair and a new sound system

It won’t be long before the principal, along with his business associates, family and friends, will be enjoying his customized Gulfstream G550 aircraft.

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