Essex Aviation Completes Acquisition of Pre-Owned Dassault Falcon 2000

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Essex Aviation Group is pleased to announce that it has recently finalized the successful acquisition and management of the final delivery of a pre-owned Dassault Falcon 2000 for a Palm Beach, Florida based client.

Prior to completing the acquisition, Essex worked with the client for a year to evaluate different private aviation models and determine which was the best for the client’s particular travel needs.

Once the client decided to move ahead with acquiring their own aircraft, Essex supported the client by presenting them with a list of pre-owned and off-market aircraft options. Essex helped the client select the right aircraft model and contacted a broker about an aircraft that was getting ready to come to market but had not yet been officially listed. The aircraft only had two owners since it was manufactured and the current owner had recently done an extensive interior refurbishment and completed several upgrades. The aircraft was clearly the best aircraft available and the ideal option for the client’s needs and requirements.

In addition to locating the aircraft, Essex represented the client in negotiations of the Aircraft Purchase Agreement, as well as throughout the entire final inspection and delivery of the aircraft. Essex also worked closely with the client to review various management company candidates and represented them through the final negotiations and contracting with the selected management company.

Finally, Essex made hangar arrangements on behalf of the client in order to establish a home base for the aircraft in Palm Beach, FL, and partnered with the selected management company to prepare the aircraft for an immediate entry into service.

About Essex Aviation

Essex Aviation Group, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the primary goal of providing clients with the most current industry knowledge and experience, a vital component in evaluating business and private aviation transportation needs.

Representing clients in a wide range of services, Essex builds client relationships through dedication to trust, integrity and a level of responsiveness not found anywhere else. Services include new or pre-owned aircraft acquisitions, new aircraft completion management, pre-owned aircraft refurbishment and upgrade management, block and ad hoc charter services, and much more.

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